Judgement Day…

A day we will all face….

Either we will face god within our world of beliefs


We will face ourselves

The day I rest my head in deaths lap

He will twirl my hair

He will insist it is okay

But is okay by him?…

Okay by me?

I do not mean to pass judgement upon others

I blindly do so

Those days are the hardest

Why am I here being your god?

I need only to be the god of myself

The variance of moral law between persons means,

What is right for you

May be wrong for me

This doesn’t lessen me

This makes me a dissent being from you

You are not my god

But the day when death takes me into his arms….

Death will lift my head from his lap

Death will rise me to my feet

Death will hold my hand into the next chapter

I will exhale my deepest breath

I will smile as I have…






I will not regret

I have been the best person I can be

I have lived

Written on September 10, 2018 by Erin Downey©2818368-XHJGDXWI-7 (1)