Most times I feel as if I am a imposter

Not personally myself being the imposter,

But being in a room full of other wordly creatures….

More so,

Like the imposter in the room..

I try to speak to these creatures and that’s when it hits me,

Is it time for the mask to come off?

Will I see their true form?

Am I THAT much different?

“That” much different, being I’m not sure what is normal—

Or if I am normal….

Am I pretentious?

Am I just crazy?

Should I have a mask to revel myself, as well?


Is this how most feel?

The science of psychology states that they have the answer…

“It’s JUST the imposter syndrome”

“It’s JUST society making you feel this way,”

“Society makes you feel that you’re not good enough or different…”


FUCK Society

I am NOT the outcast

Written on September 25, 2018 by Erin Downey©


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