I have taken my first breath since the day I was born

Who knew “following” your heart was true?

I am immersed in that truth

Whoever says you must have a plan

Mustn’t be happy

As I have never felt more euphoria in my life

I am exploring

I am doing what I enjoy

I have plenty of “plans”

Within each of these plans are just things I enjoy

I am not limited to one path of life

Why do I need to pick something and continue until I am to old to not?

I feel acceptance

I feel less alone in this world

I never knew so many people and I are alike…

I foresee the one who tell you that you are “indecisive,”



They are the ones unhappy

How uninteresting is it that you excel at ONE thing

That ONE thing you may enjoy,

That ONE thing that is confining you,

That ONE thing that disappoints you….

Plan B should never be an option

As “plans” set you up for failure…. 

Amongst disappointment

You and I are probably more alike…

More alike than you’d like to admit

The difference is…

I WILL chase my dreams

And you won’t….

Written on September 14, 2018 by Erin Downey©



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