Dear Father,

This is a letter to ease your soul

Your callused hands, uncolored hair, and fragile skin

All bare the signs of a life long lived


An era I will only be able to imagine as I sit in history class

The disconnect between you and I is merely due to time


That has gone by so quickly

You may have realized by now your time may be dwindling….

The expression of the lack of time has made me dwell on the fact that you are fearful of the next chapter

The hardships and struggles 

I can only slightly envision

I am openly forgiving you for every second of my life you have missed

My life in which is only possible because of you

I may not be exactly what you have pictured

I am not a business woman

I am not the first female president

I am not the doctor nor the doctors wife

I am more

I am me

I am your daughter

The sacrifices you have made has made the entire world my new playground

I am free 

I am the woman your mother dreamed of being

I am meant for momentous achievements that have yet to come

I am grateful for everyday you decide to endure for me

I will endlessly ruminate on about what your eyes have been hiding

The beauty….

The horror

But I may never see what those eyes have to hid

All I can see is that you deserve peace

Do not cry when your day comes

Do not regret

Do not worry

As I am and as I will always be your little girl


Written on September 3,2018 by Erin Downey©







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