As children we are taught how to tell time…

But, never taught the lack there of

As the days continue to pass I am stuck in my existence

Day that are like….

Wake up

“Clean” up

Try to eat right

Get in car



Get back in car

Stare at a screen with artificial light


At the end of most days…..

I just beat myself up about taking the time to read, write, binge Netflix, or even just “do nothing”

But why?

Why am I putting myself down about making myself happy?

Have I now sat in the same seat as Robin Williams, Hunter S. Thompson, Amy Winehouse and many more?

The incompetence imprinted on our mind about how we must live makes us all forgot how to live

Why should I in my last days and feel empty?

Empty that I didn’t take that vacation….

Empty I didn’t take the time to call….

Empty I didn’t take that nap….

We must live somehow

We do need the basics


Are we really living if the mundane out weighs the screams to fulfill your soul?

Written on September 4,2018 by Erin Downey©


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